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What We Are About!


The MISSION of Team MVP Basketball Club Inc. is to provide student-athletes fundamental sound basketball instruction and academic resources that will increase their chances of success on the court and more importantly in the classroom

The VISION of Team MVP Basketball Club Inc. is to be recognized as the foundation for many past program participants who have achieved and succeeded in a variety of careers and chosen professions 


“Where There is Knowledge,

There is Opportunity


We Aim To Provide”

Core Values

Educational Achievement – As an organization we highly emphasize the importance of education and how the game of basketball can be used as a means to receive a free educational degree from a post- secondary institution of learning (college/university)


Player Development –We strive to develop and enhance the skill level for all players by focusing on fundamentals which will ultimately prepare them to play/compete among higher levels of competition


Sportsmanship – We expect all participants (players, coaches, parents, league officials, fans, etc.) associated with our program to conduct themselves in a professional manner, display a positive attitude, and exhibit a lead by example mentality for any/all matters associated with the program


Fairness and Transparency – As an organization all activities, decisions, and procedures will be conducted with merit, fairness, and transparency


Fun and Safety –As an organization we shall promote fun and safety at all times because in the end this is only just a game

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